Rejected Comedy "after much consideration"


what do you think about this rejected track:

Also: do you think the reviewers just copy-paste their messages or does “after much consideration” actually mean something?

Thanks in advance!

I just checked my last reject. I didn’t get any “after much consideration”… they just canned it :joy: (and yet it’s gone on to make multiple sales in it’s first week at another market place… :roll_eyes:)

btw, i think this track is great, definitely fits the genre, not sure why they wouldn’t want it.

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Thank you very much!

My only guess would be the rhythm? You have a shuffle/swung rhythm, and then the shaker comes in and it’s straight 16ths. Sounds a little odd, but this is the comedy genre so things should be allowed to be somewhat quirky.

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In my case, they, too," very long speculated " and very quickly rejected.

Good music. I like that. try another store)

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I love your track! it’s really fun.-. this oboe is really nice, doing main melody… great!
I feel something weird (maybe it’s just me) with the rhythm from 0:34… something happens with the swing :thinking:… but it’s just a perception…
can someone else share my feeling in this point?

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@RobertReid @AlisterBunclark @EvgenM @MusicLFiles
Thank you all very much!
I’ll listen to the rhythm with fresh ears!