Rejected cartoon party flyer

I think its rejected about my header and footer but not sure.
What you think?


hi buddy , as for me i really like it , though , to be honest i think that this is a bit sad that u broke the global style out of introducing some bitmap style into it, i think that the thing would have been way more efficient by really sticking to illustration, but , after all, why not … though if u want to keep this way i think that for the background u really need something more cartoonish. However for me the real issue that u have is a typo one … the fact of the matter is that some text are hardly readable and u are sort of breaking the design basic design principle and i think that having alternatively cartoonish and normal font simply does not work, . In addition u have a problem with the positioning of some texts like this bullet on top of the flyer which is completely disconnected from the rest if u ask me and not aesthetic at all
what is really nice is that u definitely have a cool base here , just fix these things and i guess all will be alright :slight_smile:


yeah i knew i broke the style, so i will improve the typo and the issues thnx

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