Rejected because of quality standard. Please Help!

Hi guys!

Can someone help me and explain why this design was rejected. According to what I see on the elephants logo category, I do not see that my logo is much worse than those that are accepted. What can be a problem. thank you!

Here are some of my work that were rejected too…

hi i think the preview is a very good way for u to see what is the problem with your logo in my view … most of the things in big size they are too thin and hard to see …, u lose part of the details
otherwise your typo in a general way is too flat … u need to combine fonts and introduce originality this side

Thanks for the answer I appreciate it. I compared my design with accepted one, and there are plenty of those with the typo like mine and with very thin details. I’m not sure that’s the reason. It seems to me that it is a matter of taste whether they personally like it or not, and i think that should not be the case.