Rejected Beautiful Responsive & Fast HTML Template | Help me improve


I was trying out Envato elements and thought let me add one landing page to Envato elements and I will add the rest of my demos to ThemeForest. But I got hard rejected.

Why do you think I got rejected:

My Landing Pages:

I will create better templates, I am just getting started.

Please help me improve and how do I get accepted to Envato elements?
I am making an HTML template with 10+ demos and everything.

Thank you,

@charlie4282 help a brother out, I would appreciate you.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Start by not copying someone else’s work: Sandbox - Modern & Multipurpose Bootstrap 5 Template


@elemis Alright. Noted. What else I can do to improve?
Fiya Bank (the third link) is original.

I really like the design of the sandbox theme It was my first template So I have to start somewhere.