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Good day! I’m new and has only recently started to upload their music on Envato. My second track is not taken . Please experienced users comment on my work to poninimat which direction to go next.

Hey Jokmusic, welcome to the marketplace!

The beginning is very choppy, piano rhythm needs to flow more smoothly. The melody in the main part is very weak, and the sound you chose doesn’t fit with the rest of the track. Also, you need better transitions between the different sections of your track, right now they don’t flow together very well. Overall, the track just sounds very choppy with no real direction.

I’d say the main things you must work on are rhythm, transistions, melody, and choice of sounds. Good luck!

I’m not an experienced user, but I agree with MattyFrench, my opinion is that the melody is a little diffuse,

Thanks for answers! I will try to improve the quality of their work.

But drums are cool :slight_smile:


Thank you for your review, it will cause the return to the project and bring it to mind.

I think overall stick with something very simple and focus on maybe one or two sections with a strong melody line. Be careful not to shoot for too catchy because it becomes a distraction from whatever the main point of the ad/video your music would be used for. That being said you have some really nice things going on in your track. I would say find a few loops you like from one or two sections that go together well and start from there. Hope this was helpful!

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Thanks for the answer! This is useful information.
Thanks to you, my job is getting better!

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