Rejected App UI Template---Feedback please

Hello This is the app ui template has been hard rejected by quality team…
Just give your opinion about this, what are the things wrong with this…so next time i can improve
Thank you

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Hi! I saw a lot of issues with spacings and alignments, low contrast texts, and too small controls to interact with the touch.


Ok thank you for your response…can please let me know some important mistakes which i have made…
and ways to avoid?

i tend to believe that lack of contrast and thus difficult readability are likely to be the reason , more than any other things


Ok thank you so much …i do 'll improve…may i follow material design guidelines for iOS?
otherwise should i use Human interface guidelines by Apple?

prrrrrr LOL i do not understand your question lol i am afraid that i am not into IT things enough to be able to answer your question lol i think this is better to ask @XioxGraphix or @mgscoder, these guys are killers about technical things …

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Just i had that doubt…anyway Thank you so much for your feedback…i 'll search online resources.

if guys i mention cannot help u i guess this is better indeed …

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