Rejected - Anyone knows why?

Hello neighbours,

This rejection was as HARD as it gets and I’m left wondering why?
I thought you could point out any mistakes I made - be it compositional, mixing, whatever.

I’ve uploaded the preview to soundcloud for you to have a listen.

Thank you all,
Have a great day!


Cool track! But usually tracks with dissonances do not get approved on AJ. For instance at 0:19~0:20, that right there could cause a rejection. There are some more throughout the track.

Thanks for a quick response!
Thats what I originally thought - ‘this dissonant part could be the cause of rejection’, but then I thought “but it’s jazz! right?”

Thanks so much for your input @PurpleFogSound

Wow, I love your music, I love jazz and your style! You have good technique with fingers !!
Just I will give my opinion:
Sometimes you use some dissonance (0:19-20) … it sounds a little bit strange and it’s abruptly interrumped … you also are giving a lot of protagonism to solos and you only use two chords. Maybe they are expecting more from development in the harmonic progressions and a simplification of the melodic motif.
It’s just an idea, trying to help.
Greetings and good luck with future approvals and sales! :slight_smile:
Again, sorry for my english.

Yes very true. This would have to be addressed as well before reuploading.

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It’s jazz. The dissonances are the norm for this style. look for tracks in this genre and find out used dissonance in them or not. somewhere on Aj I heard the dissonance in the music but I don’t remember specifically …

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