Rejected - Any Feedback?

Hey guys. Just curious as to why this might have gotten rejected? Thanks for the feedback.

Maybe it already has another category in graphicriver, you try to make the design unique, it will be approved, also I am not an expert on that, you can hope other authors will help you improve your designs.

At least you have a broken perspective (reverse perspective)


Thanks for the response! :slight_smile:
I have some other designs I could upload too.

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Thanks for the feed back! So I how would I fix the perspective?

hi i think that there are several reasons , i would start with the recurring ones if u do not mind as the reasons are often the same from one to the other. Indeed, u have an issue of imbrication. The positioning of both illustration and text parts is not the right one if u wish , both parts are too far from each other which results in both part looking disconnected visually speaking>Besides if u ask me, if i prefer the second logo in a general way, the second one is suffering more from this disconnection than the other one, as u have been increasing the discrepancy through the red color not having any echo in the text part. Otherwise, the main other thing is about proportion as both illustrations really prevail exceedingly over the text ones in the end. It would take u to increase both text parts so that there is more balance in both cases indeed. The third main reason is typo, i understand that this is hard to figure this out for most of the guys but here , the focus is much on typo and expectations are high about it, no matter what is the category that u are belonging to and posting in. At this stage , what u have is clean but also rather flat and a bit tasteless as u failed to generate relief enough so that this part manages to catch the attention too. Introducing variations, font combinations, and possibly touches of originality would definitely help u to reach the target. Apart from problems that are here in both cases, u have specific issues too. The pirate one is having a perspective issue as Romlam mentioned and for the second one, eyes look a bit strange indeed