Rejected and rejected

What’s going on? Feels like audiojungle rejected lots of tracks. Corporate, epic cinematic, romantic, atmosphere, rock tracks… 8 hard rejected tracks in 6 days!? Whats wrong???

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why dont you link tracks? =)

Same for me, don’t know what they want…

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Do you have anywhere to broadcast your tracks, we might have an ear to it and guess why :wink:

@St_Denis @SoundRevolution

3 examples in 3 genres :slight_smile:

Hey LeChuckz. Listened to your previews - the sound is very ‘midi’, sort of outdated, and there are overall problems with the tempo and sync of track elements. The general musicality is decent though, so I would definitely pay attention to the above mentioned, making sure to optimize the sounddesign and mix, and you’ll be fine. Best, RBS


thanks for your answer. Do you think these are the reasons for “hard reject” ? i have 17 items so far and when i listen to my first approved tracks…sometimes i think you just need luck with the reviewer. I heared from some guys, that they uploaded hard rejected tracks again without editing and result was “approved”. Other places approve all my tracks, it´s so frustating :frowning:

Hi :grinning: Of the three…the middle one is the better I think. The first one is similar to many tracks already on the marketplace. The last one has timing issues that I think drift just a bit far from loose playing and into being out of sync. Hope you find a winning formula that starts making sales, good luck :grinning:

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one more from the “guitar genre” . Not commercial enough?

Hi @LeChuckz, I agree with @Revturkey your production sounds a little too much midi. I Guess since you ve uploaded your first track and now the trends and level of expectations have been higher. I also like the 2nd one, but I d work on a longer version with more different guitars. Last but not least, I’d work on longer versions, 1:20 min might be a little bit too short. I would recommend you to listen to the best sellers and trend songs on AJ in order to have an idea of what is expected :wink:

Hope you ll find the clue,

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i had longer versions of this tracks, but “rejected” :slight_smile: