Rejected Again? Why?

Got my second item rejected in the last couple of moths.
I sent the item somewhere at 3:30 - 3:40pm and got the rejected mail at 4:19pm… like an hour later.

Do the reviewers even look at the item? Or they were like: meh, another one… reject.

Here is the demo for the recent one.
Why this has been rejected?

Anyone with some explanations why there are items that are 10x worst than this/looks like a exact clone of other themes out there are accepted but this one not?
Do reviewers becomes lazy nowadays, and just reject items at a click mouse button or what?

  1. Do you have express permission form the original author to make the WP version?

  2. Assuming yes, did they submit a ticket and ID as evidence?

  3. Aside from the actual theme is all the documentation and other bits and pieces there and correct?

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The reject is due the quality of the design, some bug, and features.


Your design is ok but nothing special, you need to improve it more. By 2-3 months only really good design themes are approved. I seen only 1 theme every 15/20 that has been approved also if the quality is low.


The portfolio don’t work for me: It seem a famous issue with isotope, you need to use ImagesLoaded plugin to fix this if I remember good.


The theme is really small and simple, only one page with few content and nothing special.

Yes, yes and yes!

Really good designs?
Like 9 out of 10 themes are almost a copy of another theme? Is that what really good design mens?
The theme is pretty simple… what about theme the uses only text and images (even for price panels, instead of an element they use an image)… aren’t those simple as well?

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The design is good but is not developed in the right way.

  1. You should not mix One Page template with Multi-Page. If you visit the About Us page then you can’t go back to Services or other pages and this is really really bad thing.

  2. You should add more content and unique layouts.

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