Rejected Again...Please help!!!

When I was selling my products on ui8 marketplace, Guy call "Louis Razuki " invited me to this platform and helped me to submit the first set of illustrations and published without any problem. Now I’m getting some amount of money from this platform.

But, when I tried to submit 2nd set of illustrations in same style, first time they have been rejected ( Changes Required) saying…

"If this is an Illustration, it should not have text. If it is intended as a Web Template, UX Kit, or a Print Template, it should be uploaded to those categories".

Second time said “Item is better suited towards the Illustrations category.” and rejected :frowning:

Please, can anyone tell what wrong with this platform :confused: ?

Here is my profile URL:

As I understand, you have miss the category - you have upload in the “wrong” category. Just upload in the right one and it may be accepted.

there is the reason mentioned in rejected note. kindly read it.

Any reason given for rejection?

Rejection hurts because it creates an emotional wound. brain that get involved when we stub our toe or throw out our back , Leary explains.

I know the feeling but in my case it makes me wanted even more.

I worked on a theme for about six months and got a hard reject, I was a mess after that… but I tried again worked another 12 months, and finally got it approved.

If you really want it you will fight for it, and it is up to you, nobody can do it for you.

Rejection hurts, but it doesn’t have to hold you back .how being turned down stops some people from trying again , while others bounce back from rejection stronger than before Inc. helps entrepreneurs change the world.