Rejected again, no other feedback than check the forums

I have had my plugin rejected again, and its getting tiresome. I have asked for further feedback, but says I am not allowed to submit again and just directs me to the forums.

Is there some quality checklist we have to follow? I have been a lead senior PHP Developer and a Head of Development for several years so I am very aware of coding standards. I have also had several plugins approved in the past and if things were slightly out, they would point htat out and work with you.

Is there any definate no-nos that get you rejected? Also, why is it not ok to give better feedback from the quality control team?


They only give feedback when they feel an item has passed a certain threshold (the time that it would take to give feedback on the tens of thousands of items submitted each month would create chaos)

There’s no definitive list although there is this help file and this one.

Generally, speaking items need to abide by best practice coding, be unique in terms of design and functionality, offer premium value that. a user couldn’t just download for free somewhere else

What’s the demo link?


It has degradation for non JS users, compatible across the board and tested to WP v5. It also comes with usage and installation instructions as well as a full reporting system.

There isnt anything being offered like this on the market place and has been tested via a pool of 32 websites to check is usage and coding quality.

I am not sure therefore why this has not passed.

That link is not working - if this was not functioning when reviewed that would be an immediate rejection

After speaking to my server company, they had socket connection issues yesterday evening intermittently that effected connection to the database and therefore the link was down.

After waiting 15 Days for my plugin to be reviewed, I am devestated that this is now the reason it gets rejected.

What can i do?

Hello helloMaaike,

It’s best to know if a product is not accepted, there is a problem with its quality.
If the explanation is not given to you, it’s because the monitoring department is busy and can not explain all the rejected products.

So, it’s best to work on your product and fix the problems that you have even the slightest doubt about.

Best hopes for you.

`thank you, it looks like it may have been because the link was not working when they came to review!

Can you resubmit the same thing with an explanation to the reviewer in this case?


I think if the demo link is active or disabled, there is no problem for the review section. Because they are checking your files.
i am not professional designer, but i see some problem in your item in :
general fonts, slider, navigation bar.
you most fix this and resubmit.

Hope to be accepted.

They’d usually tell you if this was the issue.

There is room for improvement e,g, live demos, better demo execution e.g. this alternative gives admin access, working demo etc.

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