Rejected again I am tierd.
Why did it get hard rejected please help I really don’t know whats the standard

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I am sorry but your design is very basic and it is also poorly executed.

I really don’t know whats the standard

You can take a look at these items, as an example what is the required standard in terms of quality:

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ok thanks for repling what do you mean by poorly executed?

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That it looks very amateurish, with no attention to details. You also obviously haven’t tested it on anything else then your computer screen, as it looks broken on big screens and small screens.

You need to put MUCH more effort to be even close to being approved. Spend at lest few months learning about the web design and practicing it.

It feels half built:

  • not portfolio detail regardless of there being a ‘more info’ link

  • blog post detail is mostly empty

  • field labels on the contact page are inconsistent sizing

  • nothing premium about the execution or design

Thanks I will work hard.

I am sorry but this will never get approved, do your homework, study other templates and theme and not 5 years old, you have to check the themes and templates approved in the last 4-5 months.

Good luck.