Rejected again... can you explain why?

Hello, my music has been rejected again and again…
can you help me to understand why?
Here is my track on soundcloud :

Thank you for your answer and advices!

Hi! I liked the track !!! my personal suspicion why they refused, the hormone does not fit a little. There seems to be 4 chords, the last one is not mentioned in the topic (these are my guesses, maybe I’m wrong, but it sounds great!)

The composition is good, the piano sounds great, arpeggios are great very nice mood and vibe, great use of VI and effects, nice backing track for media usage. May be few things to pay attention. The kick sound to me is too narrow (in frequency), sounds like almost a low woodblock. The snare also too thin. The forth chord sounds like C minor and major at the same time, this could be good or bad depend interpretation, but sounds a little strange. The sections of the main track could have more contrast. The variation tracks don’t have many differences (apart from the last track).

Personal opinions only. Hope this help.


Hi, the track has potential and doesn’t really need very much work imo. A few suggestions though:
The first minute is to dull, not much variation. Bring the synth chords that you use from 1:06 earlier. Already after 30 seconds or something. Then after 1 minute the break and then after that full speed. Add some new element, or make the sound bigger. More bass… Your synth/piano can be a little bit brighter. The kick a little fatter (more low freq).
Good luck!

Thanks all for your reply!
Can i edit my track and resubmit again with those changes?
Do i need to change anything on the name, description, …? or the main thing is the track?

When you make significant changes, you can resubmit. The title is fine, though not very original.