rejected again and again


Can someone tell me why my templates rejected again and again please help to find out

Gagan Bhatia

Can only see it on a mobile but seems to be too basic to compete in this category.

  • Modal form is cropped

  • Works images don’t link or light box

  • Design is very very raw

If you want to submit in this one page space then there has got to be more Premium and unique features and design

what should i do for design. can you help me

No one here can teach you to design and besides it’s more than just design - you need to consider UX, structure, features etc.

Maybe look to see if anyone with approved PSDs might want to partner.

Remember you need permission and the right license to make conversions - you can’t just buy an item and develop it.

Thank you charlie for your guildence.

It looks like incomplete. Make it complete first. Clients logo not showing.

Thanks for your feedback.
Can you little bit guild me what is missing in client section i put the client section before footer

You are wasting your time trying to get this approved - with respect it is a million miles off the standard.

You would be better off taking time to look through files already for sale and understand the necessary standards and start again

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Agree with you

Find a real job and don’t depend on these guys.
What they call standard is unknown.

I am not trying to approved this but i want to know my mistakes so that i will not repeat the same mistakes in upcoming projects so please help me to find my mistakes.

  • The design just is not premium at all. To sell here you must have a) something unique (ish) and B) quality to a level that warrants someone paying for it over downloading free alternatives.

  • Design fundamentals like typography, hierarchy, styling etc. all need a lot of work

  • there is nowhere near enough to it in terms of originality, functions, elements etc.