Rejected again and again.... Can you explain why?

Hello authors,
my last song have just been rejected… again…

Can you help me to understand why?

Hi :slight_smile: ,
I think one of the main issue it the panning and the mix, I think there is some little small phasing issue, or your right side is unbalanced with the left side and this is not so pleasant to listen.

Try to set stuff more in the middle, less hard pan, some compression is also needed, some harsh frequency are also present on some element, so you need to re work on your mixing skills in first. Try to have some referent track from AJ for example

I hope this help :slight_smile:

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u2 - Where the streets have no name. :wink:


1:20 you literally copied “Sweet Child of Mine” / Guns n Roses.
Gotta be careful with that…

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Hahahaha I didnt listen till that.

Thanks for reply, but 4 chords with delay and hard bass will always look like U2… A lot of song on Audio Jungle look the same…

Ehm… Are you sure you even want to ask that question?

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Well. At least you will get famous being sued by U2 and GnR in the same time…

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This track is right on the edge - must be careful.

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Ok, the track have been deleted!
I close this topic and will come back later with another track…

But for me, 4 chords progression with guitar delay and no soul will always look like U2 :wink:

Thanks all !

Obviusly four chords, even from U2, are not always the same, there is a difference.

That is why your track sounds like Where the Street… and not like, for example;
Maybe because this one is in 2 chords? :joy: :joy:

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Is this a joke? Rofl

Soundcloud files is not coming up for me.