Rejected after two weeks of waiting with the most obscure and generic reason

i’ve uploaded two songs on this website two weeks ago. and after two whole weeks of waiting i get an email that the songs have been rejected. and it’s just the most generic reason.

there is no way that these two songs aren’t good quality enough (compostion, mix, master) for this website. i’ve seen what they post here. can someone give a listen and tell me - maybe it’s just me:

are they too ‘interesting’ for this website? that’s the only thing i can think off. there are soo many generic songs on audiojungle - i just can’t understand what is wrong with these?

the most frustrating thing is how much time and effort i put into uploading my music, creating all the tags and everything, only to be rejected without any freaking HUMAN explanation. how much time would it take the reviewer to just say ‘i don’t like that bass thing in the middle’, or ‘the mix is too hot’ or whatever.

so opaque the whole process. who would want to work with a website who operates like this?


So, I guess you’re not looking for feedback then.

Who’s they?

Quite a long time actually. You are not the only one submitting music, there are several hundreds submissions per day. It just is not feasible without creating a huge backlog.

When a track has one specific issue that can easily be fixed then you get a soft-reject with a detailed explanation on what to fix. But when there are multiple issues they just hard reject and don’t waste time justifying their decision.

There are many issues with Envato, but the review process is not one of them. Sure it could be better, but it works just fine. Authors have been putting up with the artificial price break down with their so-called “author” and “buyer” fees, the US tax calculated on more than we actually earn, the unfair Elements advertising, the price race to the bottom, and all this anti-author agenda. So the review process is really not a thing.

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who would want to work with a website who operates like this

Thousands of authors who are making money on this platform every day?

i am actually looking for feedback. i know i was ranting earlier, because i was - and still am - very frustrated.

but actually i would like to know what i can do to improve the songs or why exactly they don’t work on this website. otherwise i’m flying blind. what if this happens with my next few songs that i work on? mind you i was going for exclusivity with this website, so i wouldn’t normally be able to use the songs anywhere else. i’m basically on hold for two weeks watiting for their response.

Мне кажется идет страшный перегруз/искажения по громкости в треке.
Или тяжелая перекомпрессия , или вы просто элементарно подняли громкость трека при мастеринге.

там действительно много компрессии. но вы действительно чувствуете, что это слишком много? в моих песнях достаточно воздуха.

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Перегруз убивает все хорошее, что есть в ваших треках.
Ревьюверу может и нравится сам материал, но оценить его с такими искажениями сложно.

can you guys give me some feedback, please? are the songs too loud / overly compressed / distorted?

I know it can be frustrating. I have had a few rejections on here and it is devastating, but ultimately I know they were justified.

Now there are some major issues with your mix. The lower frequencies are muddy and lack definition. The whole mix seems too harsh with maybe some clipping. The ticking sound is too loud in the begining and doesn’t seem to be spatialised.

The part from roughly 0:30 to 0:40 sounds muddied, subdued, and overall empty and experimental/amateurish.

The strings ostinato is too repetitive and doesn’t seem to go anywhere. It also sounds a bit artificial

Then the part at around 1:15 doesn’t bring anything new, nor raised energy compared to the previous part. It sits basically at the same level and loses excitement. The chord change at 1:31 seems a bit unnatural.

So, mixwise you have muddy and conflicting low frequencies and overall to hot a sound. And composition wise, you lack an “arc” with different levels of excitement in the different parts of the track and a sense of direction.

Just my opinion of course.

hey. thanks for the feedback. i’ll look over the songs and see what you mean. it’s very hard sometimes to gauge my own work, because i’ve listened to it a thousand times. i’m sure you know what that’s like.

thanks again, man!