Rejected after soft reject, Why?

Here is my demo link,, I am worried…really…

Its very good. What is the reviewer message? Before and after.

Looks quite nice , but for my opinion a bit busy. I mean there is quite a lot of stuff happening all together… maybe it is a good idea to make things simplier but leave an option to add animations ?
Also for some reason page is quite laggy on my end :frowning:

It does look nice, but it performs very bad in Chrome. I have tested in Edge as well and it performs much better but since Chrome is the most popular at the moment, you should definitely improve performance in Chrome.

That “smooth scroll” you have going on is WAY too sensitive on Chrome on Mac, its I scroll down a little and it jumps way down the page. Id remove it or make it less sensitive. As well the sticky menu seems a little buggy.

Thanks to all my friend!

same problem…

i am not able to read about section at all
either its going to top or bottom too fast with simple scrolling

You should remove custom scrolling feature. And I think some post box contents have too small padding

Thank you bro!

This very nice web design. in my opinion just make your responsive design website which is very easy to access your web site in the gadgets like mobile and tablets etc.

Thanks for your nice opinion.