Rejected after soft reject "Author Driven Pricing" Why?

Here is demo link - Live Demo

i’ve upload this file one day before Author Driven Pricing coming to themeforest, soft reject i got in email is
"We have just launched Author Driven Pricing for items in this category. Please select a price and resubmit for review. See Author-Driven Pricing Coming to ThemeForest for further information."

after just selecting my price (not reupload my file) and wait for review then my item got rejected. in email rejected i’ve got
"Unfortunately, after reviewing your item ‘Rantau - Responsive One Page HTML Portfolio Theme’ we found that it’s too far off the standards we require, so you’ll be unable to submit it again."

without any feedback from the reviewer, because of it i still dont understand why this happened.
can anyone here help me to find out the reason i’ve got rejected?

You only need to select a price and resubmit :smiley:

Hi King, thanks for reply.
So why after select a price and resubmit my item got rejected :pensive:

That unfortunately I couldn’t tell you.

so can i reupload my item again?


I’ve received the same message. I just selected a price, but I’ve not upload all files again.
Is this necesary?


You don’t need to upload the files again, just set the price :smiley: Hope that helps!

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Thanks for your answer!! :wink:

Hello @KingDog
I Got same rejection for my Landing page

Demo :
I still dont know why first soft rejected for pricing update if reviewer was not look atleast a theme design ? I wasted 2 more days for just Hard-Reject in Re-submission.
I also noticed that the first reviewer belongs Australia and second time the other Reviewer was checked my item who belongs to Albania.
I think some thing still get wrong on my item because it not like for Hard-Reject. It must be first time to go in Soft-reject.

Is there any suggestions or any Guidance for above situation?
Thanks and Regards,

Hi @phoenixcoded and @treewirehouse I also got same rejection, Idk why Envato rejects everythings, your themplate is really awesome. I think someting wrong happened with Envato Team.
There’s my demo by the way (for html/personal category):

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Hello @Genett
As you say my template is awesome. I also think like and some other’s elite authors also said like that. But what going wrong at Envato is still a questions because no one in Envato team gives a proper reason about this happen with us or some others author also. I got Hard-reject without any reason and i also generate a support ticket where Envato clearly shows in Form - Let’s specific -
Here i choose -
“I’d like more feedback about my item being reviewed” ??
Here is link of that form click here
I mention all that info on ticket.
On Ticket reply i received that is I am sorry to hear that your item was not approved. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide additional feedback or advice for rejected items.
If envato team dont want to share additional information for hard rejected item then why it wrote on Support form for generate ticket.

This is the main questions where i want answer from Envato team.

even i followed all the rules and then make my theme with its current standard.
@Genett I also seen your web design its really awesome and cant go in Hard reject too. Yes it may soft reject because of less blocks and no More demos available.

Better doing next time.


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@phoenixcoded Unfortunatly Envato team dosent discuss about the item quality (rejection/approve reasons)
They will say “please submit your item for review - the review team will check the item quality (approval/rejection)”

Thanks for reply. I already know the point about rejection details is not given by envato. I agree with it but why envato said like if you want more feedback about your item rejection then send the support ticket to us our team assist you well.
This is the point where i’m talking about.


I want more suggestions for improve my design

Spacing is the most important one I can see, you need to check it more carefully. spacing inside & between sections are not consistent and quite random without a clear sense.
Alignment issues are everywhere.
Visual hierarchy issues: make sure your typo give a good hierarchy from title to content paragraph.
Some elements are not well placed so it brings the feel of blank.
Don’t overuse animation (lazy load), if users scroll too fast, your pages will look likes it’s not fully loaded,
Contrast is also an issue, some of your text is hard to read.

Pricing table needs some more design effort.
The size of the picture in TEAM section is not suitable with the content.
This is way too far to approval standard, I am so sorry to say this.

Anyway, try harder! :slight_smile:

Thanks @swlabs for detailed review.

I think thats a serious problem!