Rejected after 10-15 minutes since I uploaded it

Hey, Expert fellow authors, i have a problem i upload this day a mobile ui kit for ios.
after few minutes i don’t know exactly 10-15 minutes i received email from envato market and say your item sa been (HARD) rejected. and the problem is he cannot verify my file in 10-15 minutes i mean it’s a kit.
and what i am supposed to do?

i put a preview image about my file, just in case.
Any suggestion it’s helpful.

Looks pretty good, maybe there are some issues like inconsistency of the weight of text and icons here and there, and some small layout issues such as size of spacing… Example - “enter your email” text looks too close to the box below it on the “forgot your password” page.

Hi and thanks for response if you don’t mind do you have addres on skype to talk in chat to discuss about this item.