Rejected AE project

After uploading such an AE project, such a mail came back.

Help File is Missing. We require that all project files come with an included help file. We accept help files in various formats (Richtxt, PDF, HTML, Video). We understand it would be impossible to teach the buyer how to completely use After Effects, and we don’t expect you to do that. What we require is a basic guide that will walk the buyers through the customization process for each specific file. For exmaple, if your file contains 2 text instances, and one placeholder. You should explain which compositions/layers the text and placeholders are found in. You should also explain the basic steps to guide the buyer how to change these. You may also want to include information to explain color changes, speed changes, etc. But any extra information is up to you. Refer to this article for more information:

So, I created a help file, but it was useless.

Sorry I’m bad at English.
What went wrong?