Rejected acoustic guitar recording

I need help to understand why this track was rejected and if you think the new version will be accepted?
I found an annoying sound from the fretboard which I myself think could be the reason. It’s still there but reduced.
Maybe it’s something else: the playing? mix( eq, comp, reverb etc)? mastering?
I really appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.
rejected track
new track


I think this part of AudioJungle’s help section perfectly outlines why your track was rejected:

Items we Don’t need:
There is less demand for certain files in the AudioJungle library. Currently we are not accepting files similar to those described below:

Tracks using only one instrument and only one note played at any time

You can read it up here:

Hope this helps!

@anon87442036 has made an excellent point. But in addition, the recording quality is not very impressive. The guitar sounds very mono and sounds like it was recorded with cheap equipment. You are competing against tracks with very lush wide beautifully recorded acoustic guitars, have a listen to a few and you’ll soon notice the difference. In addition, your composition is extremely repetitive.

I think the track is good but too simple, looping…
You can add some guitar lick, strumming, piano background, string…to make it more interesting.

Hope it help you.

It sounds like just one track from the sequencer, like elements are missing.

And you need to tweak the mic position / EQ a bit. Right now it sounds a bit too boxy.

Add one or two more instruments playing complementary parts and a melody and it will be a very nice track. It can be two more guitars, or a piano and a guitar, or some strings. Maybe a shaker…

Right now it sounds more like a demo loop than a track, but nice idea and mood! It just needs to be developed.

Good luck!

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Thank you all for your thoughts and help. I’ll see what I can do.
Kind regards

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