Rejected 80's track! opinions wellcomed

So here I am dealing with worse than no sales: Rejection. Ok let’s take it easy and constructive.
I would be really gratefull if you would give me a clue of what is not working here.

    • Maybe wrong eq too much highs?
    • Too boring track?
    • maybe wrong tempo?
    • 1+2+3 Everything together?

Thanks in advance! Vodka for everybody!

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Hello @Octopusic! Link does not work.

CleanMagicAudio Thank you very much!

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I would do a little quieter some tools. There seems to be a small buzz in the lower middle. All in all a pretty good track, I like it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You may be in reason. Maybe some elements too distorted saturated and it may sound a bit harsh acid on some frecuencies. Thanks so much CleanMagicAudio! :smiley:

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Is the intro and outro a little bit chaotic? Or am i smoking weed?

And maybe yes, high freq.

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Pretty sure it’s because of that guitar thingy, other than that sounds good to me.

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Thank you guys for your advices! :blush:
even if there are diferent opinions everyone of them adds a bit to the final solution like a good salad :green_salad:. So I may rearrange the track based on them and may upload it in the future.

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Good morning!

Great sounding track!

The snare is coming off as late to my ears, maybe speed up the attack on it a little bit, or quantize it differently? Also if you can get the claps to lead into the snare hits, you know, just integrate them as if they were a single instrumentalist, that would really do the trick.

Good luck!

  • Nathan
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The most audio authors don´t want to have feedback that is not positive.
But to be honest I would start from scratch and check some film tracks of “Stranger Thngs” first to get what they do better.

Hate me and tell some nasty words for that :wink:
I learned from those “Stranger Things” tracks a lot how to use and mix 80s instruments in 2019/2020.

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Cool input I will check it out. You may be in reason my fellow. Yes There is a sensation of wrong groove/rythm I may notice it I will zoom into the grid in the project to see if the drums transients may be a bit out of time. Thank you very much!

Well yes there is a big “true” in what you say. It is not the same the 80’s music in its origin that making pretending 80’s music in the twenties XXI century. Yes the Strangers things they nailed these style.
But in other hand I don’t think you can compare the hypnotic background music emplyed in that series to my funky cheese disco one. I mean they are both different fileds in the 80’s music planet. Anyway thank you so much in my case it is cool to hear that my track is wrong after 10 years spent over here I can go with it and even appreciate it :smiley: