Rejected 404 page


Hello all,
first time here and first submission rejected, sadly. I submitted knowing there may be issues but I was expecting some kind of feedback as to what there were so I’m turning to you guys instead.
It’s a 404 page - IMHO as good or better as may already on the site - and I believe it confirms to all the guidelines so any feedback/pointers much appreciated.
Demo here >>
This is minified but I also supplied uncompressed versions. All the code is contained in the HTML as, in my experience this makes 404 pages easier to deploy.

Here’s the uncompressed version, so please pull it apart for me :slight_smile:



Your website links “home - Contact” wrong open website, it’s need function your can fix links. regards.


Thanks but the links are to be edited by the end-user, I hoped that was obvious. Do you think that’s all it may be!? If so I’d have thought that warranted a soft rejection, not a hard one.


Your need make new website but need more about us, services, etc it’s my think if you not more work obvious rejected. do you understand me? my bad english sorry.


Thanks for your feedback but it still seems that these would be soft rejection issues so I suspect something more fundamental.


I’m hoping someone with HTML pages, especially error pages, can take a look at the code and let me know any issues you see.
I tested it across multiple browsers and OS, all content is open source or licenced where needed and I provided several colour-scheme options and documentation so I’m at a loss as to what the rejection issue is.
Unless its purely ascetic.


hi i personally am not sure that this is any deep coding related issue indeed … i personally like what u have done and i do not really agree with what @JeriThemes said , i guess u could leave it like this , this can be considered as a starting point of something else and u have enough links to lead people back to the main website anyway … for me , even if i like your item fr sure and its style too , maybe u are facing a problem of expectations … the white background is making the thing look a bit empty and maybe extremely worked out in a way , even if this is not true and the design has been taken good care of , if u ask me … . I also noticed that most of accepted items in this category are quite different , having a background , something on top, a strong concept and so on , maybe the thing is that your concept is not that very clear for people and that it maybe felt maybe a bit difficult to use for that matter , as, if u do not have a bit lookalike design in the first place , this is hard to match with an existing website …


Thanks n2n44,
I guess you could be right about that. The plain backgrounds are so that users can easily match their sites colour-scheme; all the colours are editable via CSS and I left instructions in the Doc and HTML on how to do so.
But the reason I started to make this particular style was that I wanted to do it with only CSS and JS so that it was truly resolution free and would look great on mobile, which it does IMHO.
It would be great to get some feedback from the QA folks!

Also - many of the other error pages would be equally hard to integrate to users sites!


n2n44, why you not agree that my said? @n2n44


thanks but I also don’t think it’s a question of the links. I think that would be a Soft Rejection issue.


I wonder also if it’s the tone, the levity, that’s the issue?


i guess u are probably right , i just told u how i felt, indeed this is difficult to get to know what are the reasons sometimes , all guys will come up with a specific answer more or less in keeping with our tastes, experience and so on but no one can make sure what the real reasons are all about , only people who rejected an item could do provide with the accurate reasons indeed …


i explained why buddy , but in any case, do not worry lol it can happen sometimes that we do not feel the same about something … what we do is made of a subjective part and this part is made of taste and opinion , so …