Rejected 4 tracks, Help Help Help

Hello, rejected 4 tracks, they say does not fit the quality standards. I am not offended, and I will not try to reboot, I set them up for free on “soundcloud”, but I still want to know what’s wrong with them, please tell me what’s wrong with them so that I could avoid these mistakes in the future.
I will welcome any feedback, please listen to them. And you can use them for your own purposes, there is a link to download


OK preparing to listen…! let me prepare

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A few hours later…: ( with no hard feelings or personal judgement )

  1. Sounds good, but has a sudden ending, too unexpected ending, should be flowing better, its a good track though, but not so commonly used, so not much chances to sell! and also the mix is a bit muddy and dull, first chord organ synth is too loud and has too much 250-400 and also the bass is too much.
  2. Nice try. But whats this a mix of corporate and edm? Also has too much 200-400 Hz. Intro is very empty and boring. Most of sounds are very dry, not much excitement here, also too dull (not much highs and excitement) Your music has potential though! I see some nice feeling in you, but your ear experience and perspective has to get better!
  3. This is good but , hey , its unfinished!@!! haha, how can you expect uploading unfinished tracks to AJ and get approved? Again, intros must be more energetic and life-full! This song is just a demo, not a proper song finished. Its nice though, just not properly structured and finished.
    And lets go to n4
  4. Lifeless piano… nice drop… nice arp synth+effects. Overall nice mix! Maybe the best of all 4 here. Again, what an unexcpected ending!!! Why? You should make your songs 2-3-4 minutes long first of all, then make some more variations of 1, 2- or 3 minutes, or even 0:30 etc.
    I hope my feedback is constructive, and don’t be ashamed of it, I am trying to help you here.

Take care, good luck!

Overall, watch out for your 200-400 Hz, and the too much bass! make more gentle mixes! minimal is the key! Make nicely starting and ending songs, so structure should be fluent!


Thank you very much, I was waiting for such a detailed and competent answer, thank you very much for your feedback, this is very valuable information for me, you have told everything completely and I completely agree with you and before sending over some of these moments I thought that they were not finalized. I completely agree with your every word, thank you again, you are a true friend! :солнцезащитные :sunglasses: :+1:

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