Rejected 3d Render Loops


My item is a hibrid between spaceship and submarine.

So I rendered the hibrid from different angles + a transition with png Alpha Channel

Here is a demo

The ideea was that people can move this and can create animations from these loops.

So my questions is, these kind of animations can’t be used… or my animation is too bad ?


Here is my feedback. hope you dont take it wrong.

  1. Animation is good but looks too old style.
  2. Full video / 3d Objects looks like 2D Cartoons.

Then why the reviewer didn’t soft rejected and asked me to change the style from cartoon to realistic ?

I think that this kind of animatins are not welcome on videohive …

See soft reject are done only when a small change or document required but in you case the item has major change.

I am telling this from my experience.

So you are saying that if I’m going to make it more realistic it may be accepted ?