Rejected 3D physics simulations

Hi there!
I’m new here, seems I have got a hard rejection, but I don’t quite get what’s bad with the quality?
It’s so bad? what I’ve done wrong? What I have to improve?

Hi. To be a 3D simulation, in my opinion, coins should be more realistic about textures and shadows, maybe some depth of field if you want. About physics, all the coins fall in the same way (while they´re falling), but if you take some coins in real life and drop them, some of them would be rotated randomly (not all perfectly horizontal like yours), some coins could fall faster than the others. Just details that make them look more like a real 3D simulation.
Hope this helps!
Good Luck!

Thanks for your reply.
Well, actually I did that in purpose, the version with depth of field doesn’t look good for me, already tested that.
About physics, yep you are right, but, as I said earlier I did that in purpose, I adjusted the way they fall to preserve the shape of the stack and also to decrease the falling/rolling time on the floor, maybe I was wrong but in this way is more practical in use, did something similar to that for some projects.
Coins are not hyper-realistic and also are not from plastic imo)
Anyway, thank you very much for helping me.