Rejected 2d character. Please give a feedback.

Hello everyone, I’m a 2d animator just starting to work on videohive.

My item was rejected, so can you please help me figure out what I can do better to achieve a positive result?
I Used AE CC 2017 (not CS 5.5) and plugin duik. Сould this be a problem?
Or maybe something is wrong with the animation or illustration?

PS - can I add a few actions of this character so that there is a whole package of scenes, improve the character design and load it again or can it not be done according to the envato rules?

You can see the preveiw video at this link:

After Effects version and DUIK don’t use to be a problem. I use to make clear that I used DUIK.

I don’t see problem in add different animations. Actually it can make your project more useful.