Rejected 2 times, need some help from community

Hello guys, here i am with 2 rejected projects, searching for some help to enter the envato market as a freelancer designer. First of all, the first project(construction logo) was incomplete by my fault (i didn’t know that i need a help file inside and other things), but the second project(shoppingstore) i can say is complete:

  • the .AI files has each element on different layers with intuitive names
  • the logo design is made in 4 colors, each on different .AI file (so I have 4 .Ai files)
  • i saved them as a template compatible with CS5 + saved them in EPS/PNG/JPG
  • I have made a help file inside the archive with all steps clearly explained for editing the .Ai files (even an amateur would understand how to modify, such as “click here, double click there”
  • 2 preview files for presentation (main one + second one)

Ok… so my question is, what am I doing wrong? My guesses are ( beside the logo design itself, which personally i find it aesthetically fine, in a minimalist style):

  • my previews are not good enough because i didn’t used mockups like everybody else
  • maybe i need to add any kind of watermark on previews like i see on market? or the water mark is added lately by envato staff when they aprove my work ?
  • maybe i need to pay any kind of license to sell on graphicriver?
  • or maybe because i didn’t complete my profile with all kind of details etc?

I hope you can give me a full answer, maybe some criticism of my work, and some advices for next upload, thank you very much!

I’m not even a graphicist (so more far from being expert) but for me both ones are obviously lacking the perspective foreshortening. At first one the buildings corners are curved and falling. At any kind of perspective (axonometry, isometry. inverted, spheric etc) the parallel lines must stay parallel or run to the same point, it’s just a classical law of view. Also the ideas of both ones seem pretty generic.

Just my humble opinion.

thank you very much for your opinion, beside the template it self, am i doing anything else wrong ?

for me , just like most of the guys who come to try to ask what’s wrong with their logo, u are also using too plain a typo for GR … and thats’ why u get rejected

I appreciate your opinion, but you mean that I need to use better fonts? But what about my logo (shopping store) ?

i don’t mean better , i mean more complex indeed, if u use too plain ones, u get rejected in most cases according to what i know

Ok, thank you, anybody else can give me some more info? maybe some “file preparation guide?” … i mean i read the instruction, but maybe i’m doing something wrong.

Have a nice day!