Rejected?(( >_<

Hi there,

My track was hard rejected because of 'this file doesn’t meet AudioJungle’s commercial quality guidelines overall’
Can you point out the weaknesses of my work and give an advice please? Thank you:)

not sure if they have length restrictions

  1. I have feel like something wrong with your sustain in piano notes (piano pedal). Notes that played by left hand sounds like played with pedal, right hand melody sounds like without it.
  2. 0:47 - percussion sound very cheap
  3. 1:03 very specific bridge, not well for AJ
    Try to listen top tracks and create your track idea in more commercial arrangement, use relevant high quality samples. Good luck!

Nice work @BlackSeaAudio… I agree with @LuckyBlackCat about sustain , but there is a sustain in your right hand , you just need to learn how to edit you sustain (it depends from DAW to DAW)…listen sustain on 0:14 , there’s something wrong there… The piano sound is great , but when your beat kicks in , the whole picture is a lot worse… find a way to create better beats. That bridge is strange , but I don’t think that’s the problem in this track , the main problem is your beat , and try not to cut it in the end so sudden. Wish you the best dude !

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Very beautiful track! But drums very bad. Delete drums, without drums better )))

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I doubted about drums and bridge, but I was completely blind to sustain pedal… Thank you very much!

Hi @BlackSeaAudio Very ends abruptly places the piano , violin and percussion and some midi ( ( ( you need to work on the details ) ) )