Reject !!

Hi guys
My song was rejected.
Can you help me with your opinions?
Thank you !

Hi @STUDIOFA96 ,you have a lot of problems in this track, Everything sounds MIDI and very cheap , you have a lots of problems in your mix, you got some harmonic problems in piano from 0:34 … Find better samples of guitars, piano , bass , there’s a variety of great mixing tutorials on you tube (try dave pensado channel) , watch 'em all, take your time! When you do that , take this track and replace all instruments and try to mix it better. Just practice , and your mixing skills will be better !!!
Wish you the best dude !!


Thank you very much for your comment!!

@STUDIOFA96 Its one of those cases, that even before you dive into details, you say - its simply not musical. You see, there was great music in the MIDI era, people, specially video gaming composers, created tremendous stuff with the simplest General Midi soundsets. So its not just about sounds, its about your vision, to make something really musical and fun. If you have any problems along the way, mix etc. you will overcome it eventually, but its got to be musical, man.

Wish you good progress with your stuff.

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I agree with @Echobrainz that problem with sample quality. They are really sounds very midi and cheap. This melodies can be fine with relevant instruments and arrangement.