Hello, I’d like if you have a little time to help me.Of course I got a message from AudioJungle that my song was rejected.If someone can help me tell me where I made a mistake.Thanks in advance and here is the link :https:

Not accepted due to percussion. If it was not, perhaps fell into the category of “cinematic”.

Thanks a lot for the comment Evgen,maybe you’re right.These percussions I liked but are a little problematic.Best regards!!!


Great track. But I’m not sure it’s a good idea to re-submit it here. After hard reject it’s always risky to re-submit.

Thank you very much for advice!I did not think again to submit this track,I just wanted some advice so that I can improve things in the future.Thanks!!!

Good track! Maybe the mix it’s not balanced. The strings are too loud and the piano too tiny. In this category the piano is more important. The percussions are not bad but too pan for me.

Thank you very much!!!You are absolutely right,I will have to pay more attention to a good balance in the mix and I can not experiment with percussion in the future.Best regards!!