Reject with:"Not meet our high standards" Why??

Envato Market Team:

We receive a lot of Parallax themed templates, therefore we’re very strict when reviewing these kinds of projects.

Because there is so much competition and saturation in the Slideshow category, we only accept projects that we feel provide exceptional quality in both design and execution.

Unfortunately, this project does not meet our high standards for this variety of template.

What I need add to my project?
I use unique transition between slide and very easy to use project

Good job!
But its extremely similar to Cinematic Media Opener.

Well the transition looks really awesome but unfortunatly it isn’t enough. You need to introduce a bit more elements or effects.

If you ask me, what you could do it’s to give some text intro effect or bring more transitions between the pictures to table.
It’s not that it’s not good…it just has only 1 cool transition and only 1 isn’t enough for the community.

Hope you can add more features to it and re-upload it with success!
Wish you all the best with it:).

Thanks for your reply. Your advice helped me and I hope it will help me to successfully publish the project