Reject Suny Day, please give feedback

Please tell us what you think about this track, a problem more in the composition or in the mix? I would like to make a good product, I need to understand what greater attention.

Overall, the track has an artificial and cheap sound and a rather mechanical, “non-human” feel. This combined with the simplistic melody makes the result naive, but not in a good way. The problem is that over the years this market has been flooded with “positive”, “happy-go-lucky” tracks, including very well produced and hand-played ones, so that this track really fades in comparison. You would need to improve your game in order to compete. Good luck!

I agree with @FirstNote. The quality of the sounds you worked with is realy bad, the composition isn’t.

In my view,
You got good idea. But you put too much ideas for this track. Maybe more simple is the key.
You can keep the chord progression on your verse into the chorus but make it more variation.
Your sound is not bad. I love your verses.
The second thing is your mid-low, it seem a little much in my speakers.
The trumpet sound good but the saxophone is not quite good. You can use marimba instead of Saxophone sound.
Hope it help .

Thank you for your feedback, unfortunately rejected this track, I can not file it again, but be sure to take advantage of your advice in a different composition.

You can edit it or re-arrange it.

may alter the rhythm section …