Reject since 2 years

I have got reject HTML email template since last two years. I don’t know where is the problem? Would you please help me?

Demo link

Description Image


Your template email is good but i don’t know because it’s rejected,

Regards. :frowning:

Hi JeriTeam,
Any way to know why are they reject the template? I am not sure where is the problem? Coding or Design? My code is W3C validate, without media query responsive, RTL design code. I know if the product has a major problem so they do hard reject. I am finding someone who can help me. :frowning:

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Maybe problem your account 2 years not submit before (1 years or less) if you submit before 1 years or less maybe approved html email but I not am sure, you can wait other author know more that I, regards.

p.s: sorry my bad english because I speaking spanish :slight_smile:

I have no idea about old account. It is true the same code quality accepted another account because the design was those author. It would be better if the reviewer informs or focus us where is the problem. Design or coding? Trying from last two years. It is really hard to survive now with family.

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I never sell email template but HTML yes I not can help you, you wait other author reply you, thanks. :frowning: