Reject reasons that don't make any sense

Today we got another soft reject without any sense. Below it’s example of reviewer comment:

  1. Lots of inconsistent alignment affecting flow:

  2. Styling looks broken:

  3. All theme text strings are to be translatable and properly escaped.

Let’s try to explore these reasons one by one.

  1. The first screenshot referring to a single post with a centered content without sidebar. In order to keep good readability we used shorter column, so the text length will not exceed many characters. Everybody knows about UX right? Here is the great example - Notice the alignment of navbar with a content. Also many great themes on ThemeForest are using the same layout. Additionally all our previous themes use the same layout.

The second screenshot looks confusing, but I think he’s referring to unordered lists style. This is a default left padding on UL elements which can be removed, but in this case the nesting will be messed up. Again, many popular themes use this default style as it makes sense in terms of usability. We tried to remove this padding in our previous themes and after this got some support requests to fix it back :slight_smile:

  1. The second reason is a bit more tricky to explain. What reviewer did is installed Elementor, edited page with Elementor and didn’t save it. So here is my previous comment to reviewer with explanation:

The screenshot is referring to the normal behavior rather than issue. If the page is edited with Elementor, the full-width template is loaded, the user must save the changes in Elementor in order to see page content in container. Elementor provides own containers, so the users have a freedom to use full-width section or boxed sections. If I wrap everything with container and add page title, people will have problem editing it, they can’t add full-width sections and remove default page title. In order to see default WordPress template you should return to classic editor and save the post.

And I even recorded the video to demonstrate it:

  1. Here he provides example of empty alt attribute created by Gutenberg :slight_smile: As far as I know developers should escape dynamic strings using PHP but can’t escape empty alt attributes created by WordPress core plugin. So this doesn’t make sense as well.

It would be nice to hear your honest opinion about this case. We are the author here for more than 5 years and we never had such a nonsense rejects before.
Is there any option to switch the reviewer? Maybe he just jealous? :wink: