Reject. Pls check it, need some feedback

Hey, friends
I have this item rejected

Any ideas why? Tnx for all of your thoughts and help!!!

Hi! To my mind some melodies and harmony are fine, but there are some problems:

  1. Mix quality
  2. Samples quality
  3. 0:29 brass instrument breake standart corporate fill
  4. After 1:00 strings sound are bad
  5. near 1:25 to 1:33 very strange peace:)
    Try to fix it, use more relevant samples, create more professional and modern sound and I hope that track will be ok! Good luck!
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Hi EvergreenBay, nice track but there are several problems…! I agree with LuckyBlackCat,
right advice…Good luck!

tnx a lot for your detailed analysis.
how do u think what mixing problems should be fixed in this track

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tnx, the same quastion.
how do u think what should I change on the field of mixing?

I can’t say in a few words what you should do. I think you need to use another samples for some instruments and than create another mix.

The mix sounds a little flat to me. I’d say work on the problems listed above but then try to get the drums to sound a little more powerful.

The trumpet might work if it were live, but the sampled trumpet is just too…midi. I’m not convinced even live that it would work, but the midi aspect of it is very problematic - the mute makes it nasal which is counter-productive to it being a background track.

The sampled strings need better programming/just better samples. I’d suggest checking out this “tips” page on that.

Agree with everything from LuckyBlackCat.

Mix wise - it’s something that takes years of development, so it’s always difficult to explain when there are “general mix issues.” Especially since mixing is all elements relative to each other, so changing one thing will alter what needs to be done to everything else. Overall a lack of reverb. Panning is a bit inconsistent - violins too far to the right, trumpet too far to the left. Having some width is good (certainly you don’t want mono!), but too wide is also bad. There’s no richness to the bass sound, and it’s maybe a bit too loud at the top of the track. Cymbal too loud.

Harmonically you have some awkward clashes during your chromatic section in the second half in particular.

Hope that was helpful!

Compare it directly with other top notch track here. Use something like MagicAB which can open your eyes and ears. I wanna add that it’s should be brighter, I mean mix buss 7kHz-10kHz boost.