Reject or Not Reject??? (Feedback)

2 days ago I have uploaded two items, and availability in queued for review progress, I became curious about whether this item will be rejected or not. What do you think about this track?? Reject or Not Reject??

Enjoy to comment, I’ll apreciate all feedback :grin: :grin: :grin: :v: :v: :v:

I hope it does not take long time to approve this :joy:

My guess, as a former music library reviewer for other music services, is rejection for both songs based mainly on production quality. I won’t go into what would be subjective detail on production, but based on what Envato seems to like, this might not be approved, at least not initially. It might be a soft rejection with suggestions for improvement (if that’s what soft rejection means). As far as how useful it might be for visual media, my guess is that there are people who would like the music, but that it wouldn’t sell very well in this market. Envato may come to the same conclusion.

I was given an honor for feedback from you, if this is possible production quality issue I would be happy with a soft rejection, but if the matter of composition, then what is the use of its available many categories in audiojungle if all variations of music almost sounds the same? I just tried to give a different variation :grin: :v:

Thank you so much for listen and feedback. sucess for you :blush: :+1:

You mean you are glad to see that people listened and answered? :slight_smile:
The second song is pretty one, at least to me

huahahaaa. sorry my english is bad. thanks MetroMusic :+1: :joy:

I agree 10,000% with this. Unfortunately, Envato appears to have a history of overstocking what they believe to be popular based on sales instead of encouraging variety. That could be changing, but it’s hard to say. The real issue here could be that this is currently a low budget and largely “corporate video” market. I think that’s mostly because AudioJungle is part of a micro-stock marketplace and not a full production music library. While there are many types of music that can be used for corporate video, the range is not as wide as it is across all visual media. Envato knows this, I’m sure. Therefore, it’s possible that they are mostly selecting things that fit the “corporate video” customer base. Larger libraries that cater to a larger customer base have a wider variety of music.

There are some extremely talented people here with original music in all sorts of genres, but only certain types of things seem to sell in large numbers. There’s been an increase in threads discussing rejections, and to me, that’s a good sign that Envato is really looking at quality and perhaps transforming AudioJungle into it’s own entity as a production music library and increasing diversity. Perhaps not. In any event, I think being creative and striving for originality is the best way to go and it’s possible to set a trend if the music is really good. But, again unfortunately, that might not be as successful here as other places at this time. I’m not at all suggesting that anyone copy other people. Just calling it as I currently see it, and there are always other outlets for things that aren’t accepted here.


Woww. you give me very wise feedback, big point is “corporate video” market. :grin: Thank you so much :grin: :+1:

maybe too much reverb (imho) Nice music though :slight_smile:
second track is really cool and relaxing. Good job!

Thank you so much :grin: :grin: :grin:

Hi Guys,

this is my first track here and was rejected can you give me a Feedback please Song Rejected