Reject on inspiring corporate pop track

Got a reject on this recent track due to commercial production standards.
any tips/ suggestions?

I appreciate your help!

I like the track! The drums at 0:28 seem a little odd (snare).
Other than that, it’s a good track imo.

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I agree with JackWinn, sounds great up until the snare and tambourine come in. As well as swapping out the snare sound, I would bring down the tambourine volume a touch; it’s a little harsh. I think the snare from 42 secs sounds good though!

thanks for your feedback!
I suppose I could bring down the tambourine a bit, the snare at the start is exactly the same as the rest throughout the song, only a tad louder maybe.
When they say I cannot upload this item again, should I change the mix and the name of the song?
thank you!

Please say this piano plugin name and accustic guitar plugin name

acoustic guitar is: acoustic strummed by native instruments, piano i think was from nexus vst