Reject on EPIC cinematic track, while forwarded at TAXI

Hi There,

I just got rejected a cinematic track based on mix/master quality, which was forwarded through taxi some time ago. So apparently TAXI’s reviewing is less strict than audiojungles. Could anyone take a look into this?

I would very much appreciate it!


Hi @aronvs! Nice music, I really like it! Beautiful! I think problem in low commercial potencial. It is very hard to be cutted and the melody is too bright for advertising. Maybe something else.

Nice track! maybe the shaker do not fit and could be replaced with string rhythm?

Hi @NisusPrideMusic
Thanks for your reply!
What exactly do you mean by the melody being too bright? like it is too loud or present?

I meant that the track with a long and tense melody is very difficult to make shorter or reduced. Each new part of the track means the continuation. Maybe I explain it not clear. Sorry for my English.:slight_smile:

Nice music, I really like it! not bad !!!