Reject of my songs

A few years ago I started writing a musical.
I have collected a few arias scenario. I sent my work … Everyone.
Almost all kinostudiyam.Nikto not responded. Time passed …
It took another two years.
And I thought … why not ?! I decided to place the tracks here. Maybe somebody will buy them. At least some benefit …But there is a problem … Tracks can not be accepted.Because i dodn`t have a perfect language.
Can you imagine? Ppp-p-p-perfect English !!! Bloody hell…
My grandma was a Professor of English. And…before she dies she teach me little bit. I know my english is not ideal…But on this site is a lot of people. And many of them is writing songs.

Hi! Good track (very cool vocal :+1:), but’s it very far from Aj trends) Listen to top sellers to understand what kind of music good as video background. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Yes this track is to specific. Will be hard to fit to random videos. But very nice indeed!!

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Demand for native English singers is market wide, its not unique to AJ. One exception could be academical vocals, or operatic singing. I do have one such item accepted here, with a pro singer who is not native speaker (singing Christmas “Silent Night”) but I would not send (or even produce on my own terms) anything like children songs, cabaret, rock/pop song, or Broadway musical style, without a native singer.

In my other activities, as a musical editor for audiobooks, I have seen very shallow native singer chosen over major operatic soloist from Moscow opera theater - just for language issues (native vs. non-native). That`s common practice.

Well Audiojungle is a hard place to get accepted. And you can never take acceptance for granted here. That’s what I learned.

Hi, i’m agree with LuckyBlackCat.
Commercial music is not really YOUR Music.
It’s just music for serve picture. A bit neutral, rarely original or eccentric.
Good song anyway Forgeron! Cheers :wink:

I think this is perfect !!!