Reject of my item "Sneaky"

People i again need your advices. Please if you have a time take a look on my track.
What do you think?

I think this sounds great and I’m surprised it got rejected. If I have to guess a reason for the rejection it would be the drums in the middle part. They seems to not fit the style in my opinion. To hard and “epic”. But who knows…

The transition at 0:55 caught my attention, as if it wasn’t supposed to be that way. So that could be one of the things as well.

Times getting tougher. Sounds like Hollywood to me :slight_smile:

I think that melody and sound is well (for comedy category). But I agree with @Hyperprod that drums sound and drums arrangement not good for this style. It’s could be a reason of reject… Good luck with future tracks! :slight_smile:

yeah, the music for a comedy category, sounds little strange, (this is my opinion)
1 the strings(cello) plays a little dramatic line.
2 drums sounds a little hybrid (this is not good for comedy)
3 the mix is not good ( there is no lightness in mix, which is very important for comedy genre)
but music can work with another Instrument selection and mix :slight_smile:

Ok then i`m going to do this changes and after this reupload this work.

Just stopping by to say that I love the track! Could have just been a bad day for the reviewer, or that your’s was next to a few other awesome tracks. Great work though. I really like it.