Reject of corporate pop rock - why?

Hi, guys!

I’ve just had my next rejected due to “it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward”

Reviewer sent the link to the general acceptance tips

But the problem is that I’ve alreary readed this many times and was composing the track with all these points in mind (at least I think so)

I take it that among dozens and hundreds of criteria used by reviewers, my track doesn’t match several at once.

Experienced users - what are the criteria, would you please tell?

I will accept any feedback and be grateful for any help.

Hi PurrMusicPro. Music is good for the background. most likely, you need to give this picture more stereo. it seemed to me that the sound snare is too dry, there is not enough reverb. Try using the best cymbal samples, they don’t sound very good right now. In places, the violin interferes with the guitar melody, please note. Another option is to make the track a little more interesting, you can change the melody in some places or add a few emphasizing guitar phrases. I think this will help your track. Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi! @Rmixstudio!

Thank you very much! I will definitely change all these moments in the next tracks!

Could you please advise any KONTAKT drum library?

I don’t use KONTAKT drum libraries. I use toontrack products. Pay attention to the superior drummer.

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Thank you again! I will!