Reject need advice to fix the track!

Hi every everyone, unaccepted reject, last was 3 month ago! i decide great this topic to analyse track, and rework and resubmit it after , just for experiment! Lets consider this together!

Listen to the track and notice on your opinion what wrong with it!

My suggestions about it! i did wrote bass line, i’ve listen similar without bass line, and have been approved, so i think the no bass line is not reason for reject!

Second! The acoustic guitar strum i guess to loud and have aggressive attack, maybe its one of reasons to dyne the track!

3 one! Legato stings , maybe it are to synthesis, i dont use string liblaries, because i suppose that in this track i dont need super natural sound of string! But its second reason for reject!

Mixing! Not briliant, but quite ok, i have tracks with worse mixing but they approved and have sales! maybe quality standards grow up!

Maybe the main muted guitar need changes in some parts, maybe the same pattern is listening to annoyingly!

In general its good track! and interesting if i reworked it, they will unproved or not!

Maybe its will be interesting for someone else! Lets do it together!

Hi there! I would like to help you but please don’t consider me like the smart guy who wants to say what and how to do!

My first impression is that you would have try to write more music themes in this song. A song has to be catchy and I miss the adventure from this one. Imagine that this song is a travel from point A to point C and on the road you meet new guys, new faces new experiences. Now I feel that this song has only one point the A one. Start your road from this point and arrive to point C. A = one musical theme B = a second musical theme C = a third musical theme. So it’s now a little bit sleepy, let’s awake this.

My technical impression is that you would have try to use live (not vst ) guitar sound and if you consider that will use VST, use a vst what is close to the live sound. I miss the bass guitar and interesting sounds from this. Master: I also hate that everybody want’s to be loud like shit with a lot of bass frequencies but if you want stay in the game you also have to realise to be loud and also don’t loose from your low freq. Now your bass drum distorts. When you will do the mix pay attention to reduce bass drum volume to a level where the master will not distort.

I hope you will be able to do these things. If you had enough with this song already, try to write another one by these steps. Good luck! Cheers!

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Your point really interesting and I will keep it in mind , nice opinion for considering , thanks again!

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I am listening to the track, and the variation that occurs at around 2:00 is nice, but way too late, it should happen wayy ealier in my opinon.
I force myself, in all my musical productions, to have a kind of variation each 4 bars. It could be a new instrument added, or removed, or a change in the melody or harmony or rhythm.
Adding a bass would really be nice, I really miss it honestly.

Using a fake strummed guitar can be ok if you add elements above or around it - but as it is, it is a bit too obvious and repetitive.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing your opinion! ye you are right , its nice issue for developing the track i will add those elements in track! Cheers!

I would add that the kick is too loud and strong for this genre.

yes man you not first ho notices that, i wil fix kick! Thanks too! ill starting apply all comments, allready, and post this track in this topic after rework it!


If u need some money, plz do something else… something more genuine. Got what I mean?
Good luck

Oh! sure i working with other tracks its just for interest for what shoud sound track for approve if compere it with rejected track! This is my goal, for this topic!