reject my template

actually I am new in web designing.I am rejected with my 2nd template. Any one plz suggest me how I can be success…here is the link to see and suggest. Again thanks to help me

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Problem spacing, typography, margins & paddings, bad colors need colors better, etc, you w3c one error, you need practice more html. Regards


Not everything is to throw, but design feels a bit outdated. Like @JeriTeam said, you definitly need to rework your color palette. I’ll also add that the site logo (brand) lacks work. I think you can download free logos on the web to use in your projects if you can’t design one. However, i advise you to start using a tool like photoshop or illustrator to start drawing the main frames of your project.

You also have to choose better images and to look at the current design trends in the most interesting niches. Practice to produce valid html and get good with css. There are a lot of articles that reviewers sent you. Read them more than one time. I also have problems like you, in typography or spacing, but iam working hard to improve.

I think that you shouldn’t submit something before a 6 month period. Use that time to get good and to draw the frames and the features of your next project. Don’t forget to choose a best selling niche with relatively few items.

Hope this helps you understand that, in my opinion, you still need to learn to become a real web designer. Just dedicate yourself and you’ll get to it.

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bad luck… last time I forget to check w3 validation… :sob::sob:

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thank you… I will do my best to improve my color choice and other thinks that you tell me