Reject my laravel and angularjs project

Hi All,
I am facing a problem for review my item, I need help from you. I create a application using laravel and angularjs there are tow part one in server side and client side, this two part have to setup separately. I also provide him a demo URL but my item is rejected causes are,

As a courtesy, preventive check:

  1. Please make sure the code adheres to PSR standards.

  2. Make sure that the code doesn’t raise any PHP errors, notices or warnings. Please set error_reporting(E_ALL)

  3. Please double check for common security vulnerabilities: SQL injection, XSS, CSRF etc

  4. Please make sure the item doesn’t contain any encrypted code or a third party licensing system.

Laravel framework himself provide no-2,3 and I think my code flow no-1,4. Now, what can I do?.