Reject. Metal music.

What do you think?

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Your track is good in overall. Maybe you can mix the drum louder, the kick more “click” sound.
You can cut off by filter like fade in, low to high frequencies for more exciting intro. Maybe it help you. Hope you get better luck.

Wow…I like your track a lot!!! Powerful and full. It almost sounds washed out, like maybe there are some unwanted frequencies making the mix sound splashy, and yes the drums need to be a bit louder. It is repetitive, maybe having an intro with the main chord progression and melody, but having it build to the powerful chord section, then drop back to an “in the pocket” type feel, then making a second build with slight variations in the drums and melody would help mix it up. Hope that helps!

Great track!

However, the mix i do not really like, plus it is compressed to hell and back which makes it sound really unpleasant if you go on longer then a few seconds. It also add to this washed out sound that SkinnyAtlas describes. There is no room for the seperate instruments.

I would bring it down a bit, less compression and less volume… then create a bit more room for all the instruments in the mix.

Good luck, the song is great!

Good track :wink: