Reject , isn’t at the quality standard, WHY ?

Hi friends!

My project was recently rejected, but I don’t understand why.
Hope you can explain me where the problem is, tnx!

Video of the project here :

Too simple and a lot of banding in the background also probably.

My exact thoughts on the first watch…

0 to 5 seconds: Mmm, ok… this looks pretty good.
5 to 9 seconds: Oh, right… is that it?

The look of the metal is good. I think it just needs a lot more to it. Well, maybe not a lot… less is more and all that, but it’s maybe a bit too simple to get accepted.

tnx a lot, will think about what can I add more to it

Although I like the simplicity, the background banding is terrible, you can’t have that!

tnx, will fix that