REJECT!... I would like to know the reason

“…unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”


Thanks for your help.

Is it just a mock up template or is it suppose to be an actual business card design that you’ve put on this mock up?

I only ask as the mock up image is very low resolution and this may be the reason why.

it does not matter anyway , one or the other , none should be rejected … some cards of way lower quality are making it … and if the mockup what could be wrong with this anyway
?! the rejection is completely unbelievable!

its a Business Card Template (not a Mockup), I follow all the rules that you say to post my item (CMYK, 300dpi, sizes, bleed, organized layers, etc.) and is not a bad business card design. So I don´t understand why to reject it.
Like @n2n44 says, the rejection is unbelievable!

Business Card and Logo category are the most difficult to approve item and in most cases you will not know the reason for the rejection and especially now when sales are weak there is no benefit from this except for losing time and motivation, look for another category maybe a better result for you.

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hi Drazen, yeah but all this is spreading to all categories anyways (i will create a new thread that u will probably be interested in by the way …) … besides , i have talked with several friends from the flyer category telling me that either they do not feel motivated into creating for GR or they stick to doing so but feel pretty much bored about not knowing what to expect , no matter how high their creations turn out to be they are feared to have their items bashed and to lose their time and make efforts for clearly nothing …

I agree completely with this dude, mentioned these two categories because I tried there and do not see any benefit except losing time and motivation, of course it has another category in the same situation also flyer and print category. Hard time for the authors…

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if u wanna know more about reasons for rejections

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After I bought several items from the best sellers of logos for $ 100, I used to copy and describe items as they did, everything was taken from their template (color palette, sizes, layer names). And I sent over 40 logos that exactly corresponded to the items that I bought and as a result everything was rejected.

Direct all your forces to other platforms to make money - and it will work.

Do not waste time in the empty, do not try - they are stupid.

I reconciled myself with inadequate moderators and went to other platforms - and have already earned more than $ 500 dollars.

Thank you!

That’s looks amazing and should not be rejected att all.

I have uploaded over 20 logo designs and all got rejected.
Well well, they are very trigger happy on rejection button

hi this a 2-sided design? if so i would rather recommend that u make both sides the same color indeed, apart from this , maybe typo ? not sure … but i tend to believe that the hierarchy of what u did is not completely right indeed, as the function is the smaller thing when i consider that it should be bigger than personal data indeed