Reject! How to make Tech House more Commercial Valuable?

Hello Authors,
My latest track got rejected based of comercial value.
I thought this could happen, so deleted it from queue and then I added some Saxophone to this track and made some more tiny improvements.

Would be thankfull for 2-3 tipps/ideas to how to make it more commercial valuable.
Dropbox Link (WAV/Watermarked)

Thanks in advance

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My 3 thoughts were:

  • the Piano Riffs are lacking a bit of harmonic feeling
  • Saxophone comes surpisinlgy in the brake (maybe to loud)
  • Saxophone in the brake doesent works on point harmonic wise (the Saxo bits in the Beat Part are working nicer)

Overall it’s a nice track! Here’s what jumps out to me, keep in mind a lot of this is just personnal preference:

I really like the saxophone part. I would introduce it sooner in the track. Doesn’t sound that loud to me, I like the way it cuts right through in the mix. Maybe crank it down 1 db, not much more than that (again, this is personnal preference).

I got tired of hearing the “come on” sample in the part before the breakdown, maybe I’d make a few version of it that are processed differently or just delete a few of them.

The body of the kick sounds a little long to me, I would shorten it a little.

I’d add quite a bit of automations to the keys so they don’t sound repetitive. Maybe add distortion and automate the drive, a low pass and play with the cutoff, stuff like that.

Maybe I’d crank up the riser at the beginning by a few db.

There’s quite a bit of delay going on, I would reduce the feedback a bit for additionnal mix clarity.

I would really see a snare roll going on a couple of times in this track.


Hello Red Eyed.
Thanks for taking the time to respond to my forum post!
I really think your feedback is brilliant and I will take them into consideration and create a 3rd Version! (but not for AudioJungle)
kind regards

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Maaaan, change percussion and i will send this as a trap beat :rofl:

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HaHa Thanks for sharing! @WIDE-VIEW